New research hopes to shine a light on benefits of CBD for people and pets

New research hopes to shine a light on benefits of CBD for people and pets
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CBD startup, Hemp Heros, is partnering with University College Dublin (UCD), medical professionals and veterinarians, to expand research on full-spectrum CBD for people and their pets. The UK’s CBD revolution is in full swing. CBD-based supplements are an increasingly common sight in cupboards across the country (wedged beside the tea and biscuits) and bathroom counters are becoming saturated with CBD-based face creams and skin-rejuvenating tinctures. Even pets potentially stand to benefit. As is the case globally, the use of CBD-based products in the UK is skyrocketing. The value of the UK’s CBD market almost doubled in size between 2019 and 2021, growing from £314m to £690m. According to one report, the UK has the second largest consumer cannabinoids market behind the US, and the amount spent on cannabis extracts in the UK is now higher than the amount spent on vitamin B and C combined. CBD is truly settling in as the next UK household staple. And rightly so; CBD is widely considered a safe, non-psychoactive, natural alleviator for a number of physical and mental ailments.  CBD startup Hemp Heros, co-founded by Welsh martial arts athlete John Philips and Irish entrepreneur David Hartigan, is one brand leveraging its influence and expertise in the medical (and veterinary) communities.  Just days before being named one of Ireland’s “30 under 30” by the Sunday Independent newspaper, Hartigan spoke with Cannabis Health about the company’s techniques, research partnerships and how it is exploring CBD as a potential pain and anxiety reliever for dogs. Sam Hartigan, co-founder of Hemp Heros Cold-pressing for quality and expanding into the UK market  Hemp Heros manufactures its products from scratch in a facility in Ireland, using a cold-press method. Compared to traditional methods of extraction that use heat and other intensive processing methods, cold-pressing is a natural technique that…

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Source : New research hopes to shine a light on benefits of CBD for people and pets

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