Capitalizing on Precision Control in Cannabis Cultivation Lighting

Capitalizing on Precision Control in Cannabis Cultivation Lighting

<![CDATA[When Jason Sanders first started cultivating cannabis in Mendocino County, California, he thought outdoor, sun-grown cannabis was the industry’s future. But the intervening years triggered a significant shift in his thinking.“What really caught me by surprise is how the market has gone toward quality, rather than field-grown quantity, and how much the controlled environment dictates quality,” Sanders says.Now director of cultivation at Austin-based Texas Original, Sanders oversees the medical cannabis company’s controlled-environment cultivation facility and R&D, with an environmental focus that transcends seasons.“It’s a lot more about the environment every day within the crop’s lifecycle and being able to try to control and optimize that environment in order to create a better quality product,” he says. Advancing with Controlled EnvironmentsNow approaching four years with Texas Original, Sanders has seen the push for quality drive quantum leaps in indoor and greenhouse environmental controls. “The big thing that’s really changed for us in the industry is data collection. We have a lot more data from control companies now,” he explains.With tech advances, Sanders can monitor and control parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, airflow and light intensity 24 hours a day, acquiring precise measurements that can be reviewed later. The result is a clearer, more complete picture of the entire crop lifecycle.“That data has allowed us to make better decisions to create the best product we can,” Sanders says. “When I think about controlled environments, it’s our ability to really dial in the parameters in that environment—and replicate it, batch after batch.”Advances in lighting technologies and precision lighting controls have been especially important. “When I was growing in Mendocino, we didn’t traditionally see supplemental lighting in greenhouses. Now we do. That’s been a shift in the focus for quality,” Sanders says.Without supplemental lighting, the big, dense flowers achieved today didn’t happen, Sanders says. “The…

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