Wana Brands Foundation Prioritizes ‘Life Essentials’ in Charitable Donations

Wana Brands Foundation Prioritizes ‘Life Essentials’ in Charitable Donations

<![CDATA[International cannabis-infused edibles company Wana Brands’ mission is “to enhance people’s lives through the power of cannabis.”Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands, says the company is living up to its mission even further through its recently developed $50-million charitable organization, Wana Brands Foundation (WBF).WBF focuses its funding on initiatives such as research, education, food security, shelter, safety, mental health, sustainability, connection and social justice, Cannabis Business Times previously reported.In October 2021, Canadian LP Canopy Growth Corporation announced its plan to acquire Wana Brands for $297.5 million in cash, and money from that deal was used to fund WBF, Whiteman says.RELATED: Wana Brands, Six Months After the Canopy Deal: Q&A With Nancy Whiteman”I really wanted to take a big chunk of that [money from the deal] and put it into something that allowed me to, first of all, give back to the industry, but give back to the world,” Whiteman says. “We chose a number of issues that we had already been focused on and wanted to intensify our focus on. I call them ‘life essentials’,” she says. “What I mean by that is, it’s hard to enhance your life when you’re hungry, and you don’t have a place to live, and you don’t have the right to vote, and you don’t have social justice, and you don’t have a clean environment. So, we really wanted to focus the foundation [to] donating to nonprofits that were really working in those important areas.”© Courtesy of WanaWhiteman “There’s no shortage of people who need help right this minute. And the organization’s mission is to do that, and we want to support that with a lot of direction from our local partners and our local markets,” Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana BrandsThe foundation is also focused on funding research and education related to cannabis and psychedelics…

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