Company spotlight: Mission C

Company spotlight: Mission C

As their name suggests, Mission C is on a mission to help people understand the natural benefits of CBD. They know that there is still a lot of confusion and mistaken beliefs about CBD, and they hope to put an end to such backward thinking by educating and providing only the best CBD products. This article highlights the brand, defining who they are and what sets them apart from the rest. Here’s everything you need to know about Mission C. Who are Mission C? Mission C is one of the UK’s top suppliers of broad spectrum and CBD isolate products. The brand launched about one and a half years ago after the founder, Qes, realised the benefits of CBD through personal experience. His grandfather was diagnosed with dementia and started using CBD to take the edge off some of the symptoms. While he admits it was no miracle cure, he did note that his grandfather was less agitated during the day and slept better at night. And so, Mission C was born. Now, Qes is trying to inspire others to tell their stories. What makes them unique? What makes Mission C a distinctive brand is their dedication to education. After Qes’ grandfather started using CBD, he realised that there was a stigma attached to cannabidiol, and people didn’t understand it. He made it his mission to inform and eradicate negative connotations. “When I first started, there was negativity and stigma associated with it, but I’ve realised it’s actually not negative anymore, and once people are educated, It’s actually quite positive, and people do want to try it, so it’s just that education gap,” said Qes. Missions C emphasise education with a learning hub on their website, including animations and e-books meant to educate people on CBD and bust any myths…

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