The Best THC-O Carts You Can Buy Right Now

The Best THC-O Carts You Can Buy Right Now
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In this week’s episode of ‘keeping up with the cannabinoids,’ we’re here to talk about THC-O. If you’ve seen any headlines featuring this new member of the THC family, then you might be wondering if the hype is true. Is THC-O really three times more potent than regular THC? If so, why? All that and more below. Plus, we’ll guide you straight to the best THC-O carts money can buy so you can cut through the noise and order online today.  THC-O Overview THC-O often falls under scrutiny because, unlike other alternative cannabinoids (like Delta-8 or Delta-10), it’s not natural. You could extract marijuana and hemp plants all you want and never find any pure THC-O. Instead, manufacturers produce THC-O in a lab through a series of extractions.  The first step is extracting CBD from hemp and converting it into Delta-8 THC. Then, a substance called acetic anhydride is combined with Delta-8, promoting a reaction synthesizing Delta-8 into THC-O. It’s a highly volatile (and flammable!) process. The end result is an incredibly potent cannabinoid that’s often infused into gummies and THC-O carts.  Is THC-O Legal? Yes, THC-O is legal because the starting material is hemp. If the starting material were marijuana, it would be allowed for sale through licensed dispensaries in states with legal cannabis. However, manufacturers are well aware of those implications, so THC-O is made with hemp. The only caveat is that the final product cannot contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by volume.  Is THC-O Safe? THC-O is a relatively new cannabinoid, so long-term research is needed to determine its efficacy. Generally, THC-O is considered safe for use. Still, you should be sure to do your research before buying from just anyone. Many brands are looking to capitalize on the current THC-O vape cart trend, and they…

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