How Joe Gibson of Gibby's Garden Works

How Joe Gibson of Gibby's Garden Works

<![CDATA[Cannabis Business Times regularly interviews cannabis cultivators to learn more about how they manage their growing operations, including top tips for success, tools and technologies they couldn’t live without, and how they deal with perennial challenges like burnout. In this installment, Joe Gibson, head grower at Gibby’s Garden, details how he took his skills from home growing to a professional level. Read more about Gibby’s Garden in CBT’s December issue.  Name: Joe GibsonCompany: Gibby’s GardenLocation: Uxbridge, Mass.Title: Head GrowerIndoor, outdoor, greenhouse or a combination?Indoor. Q: Can you share a bit of your background and how you and your company got to the present day?A: I am a cannabis enthusiast with a family that has great home gardens. When possession and home grows became legal, I started growing. When we started talking about getting into the industry, I took the home grow up to R&D level, experimenting with different lights, nutrients, etc.I attended the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis in Massachusetts and traveled to Colorado and Oregon to check out the legal industries already in play. Through my research and Mom’s (Kim Gibson’s) design and build background, we started planning the cultivation facility.  I focused on the components of the grow, and my folks did the licensing and permit set and contract work.We started the process of becoming a licensed establishment in 2017, applied for our license in 2018 and were fully licensed in 2019.  Being post-revenue since January 2020, we are one of the original recreational establishments in Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on our premium flower and added whole flower-infused tinctures and live rosin.  Q: What tool or software in your cultivation space can you not live without?A: I can live without a lot. The girls (AKA the plants), however, need their environment closely controlled.  Temperature, humidity, lighting, water and nutrients are all critical. However, the greatest tool is the lighting.…

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