Company spotlight: Kanndela

Company spotlight: Kanndela

Kanndela got its name from a Latin word, candela, which means “to give light”, which is exactly what this brand aims to do – give light to the world by helping alleviate some of the daily struggles we face. The brand’s founders wished to provide a product with a straightforward delivery system that consumers could relate to and benefit from. The decision was made to create something for everyone that is portable, simple to use, and effective. Here’s everything you need to know about this unstoppable new CBD brand. What makes Kanndela unique? The founders of Kanndela are world-renowned professional athletes Mercedes Varnado (known as “Sasha Banks” on WWE), Emanuel Rodriguez (former WWE wrestler “Kalisto”) and his wife, Abigail Villalpando. This stellar list of co-founders sets Kanndela apart from other brands, as these sports stars learned about CBD through personal experience and used the knowledge they gained by using CBD to create a brand that targets pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. “CBD has helped me change the way that I live since I started taking it about 5 years ago,” said Mercedes. “I travel all over the world, I’m on TV every single week, and I have a lot of pent-up anxiety. So, right before I go out I always take a little drop of tincture, and it just brings down this calmness, this ease, and it just really helps with anxiety and falling asleep. There’s so many different benefits that CBD has on my life.” Kanndela bestsellers While all Kanndela products are in high demand, some are more popular than others, such as their CBD Tincture and vegan-friendly CBD gummies that come in various fruity flavours such as grape, blue raspberry, and fruit punch. However, what truly sets them apart is their CBD Protein Powder. Kanndela CBD Protein is…

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