These States Almost Legalized Marijuana In 2022

These States Almost Legalized Marijuana In 2022
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Marijuana reform advanced through multiple state legislatures this year—and voters in two more states voted to legalize adult-use cannabis at the ballot in November. But while there was significant progress for legalization activists in 2022, lawmakers and activists weren’t able to get legalization across the finish line everywhere this session. As a reminder, 2022 marked a year where cannabis policy changes were enacted by legislatures in states are ideologically distinct as Mississippi and Rhode Island. And voters in Maryland and Missouri elected to legalize recreational marijuana during the midterm election Still, there are a handful of states that came close to ending prohibition—with one chamber of the legislature passing a legalization bill, for example—only to later stall. In other states, reform measures made the ballot and then were rejected by voters. In others, activist-led campaigns didn’t end up qualifying for ballot access by established deadlines or were stifled by court challenges. That said, even with some defeats at the polls this year, advocates are already gearing up for election pushes over the next two years, with the stage set for scheduled or expected legalization votes in states like Oklahoma and Ohio so far. And legislatures where reform bills passed one chamber but not the other are poised to take up the cannabis issue again in 2023. Here’s a look at states that advanced legalization but ultimately failed to enact it this year:  Arkansas Arkansas voters rejected a marijuana legalization ballot initiative in November. The measure, backed by the Responsible Growth Arkansas campaign, would have created a regulated cannabis market for adults 21 and older. Polling gradually tightened for the measure, and then abruptly shifted with most voters opposed to the proposal in the latest survey released just before Election Day. That came as more Republican voters seemed to be dropping off amid…

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