OPINION: ‘As a recovering alcoholic, cannabis has helped me immensely’

OPINION: ‘As a recovering alcoholic, cannabis has helped me immensely’
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Cannabis can help us see the beauty in every day, writes Casper James* who says the plant has helped him recover from alcohol addiction and embrace his creativity. I am a recovering alcoholic and have found cannabis to be a huge help in my recovery.  Some people say that cannabis is a gateway drug but for me, it has been the opposite. It’s helped me stay sober and it’s helped me stay calm. I haven’t had a drink in over three years and during that time I really struggled with my confidence and anxiety levels. After I began consuming cannabis it had a profound effect on my life. I felt more relaxed and confident and found it easier to talk to people.  You might wonder if cannabis is a safe and/or effective way to help you stay sober. While there’s no definitive answer, I’m aware that other people who have used cannabis to recover from alcoholism report feeling more confident and relaxed, with fewer cravings and a decreased desire to drink.  If you do choose to use cannabis as part of your recovery, start with small doses and increase gradually as needed. You should also avoid using cannabis if you’re feeling triggered or tempted to drink.  I can only speak from my experience but cannabis has helped immensely in my own recovery and in many other aspects of my life, too. Cannabis and social anxiety Cannabis has helped in managing my social anxiety and allowing me to enjoy social situations again. Now I use cannabis when I go out and meet new people. I often find myself feeling nervous and unsure of what to say, so I end up talking too much in an attempt to fill the silence. I find that cannabis helps me to feel more comfortable in situations…

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Source : OPINION: ‘As a recovering alcoholic, cannabis has helped me immensely’

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