Highsman’s Entry into the Metaverse

Highsman’s Entry into the Metaverse

<![CDATA[It’s nearly 2023, and by now, almost everyone you know is well-versed in digital communication and socialization platforms – be it video conferencing, social media, or the related.And as ‘Metaverse’ becomes an increasingly common part of our cultural lexicon, Highsman is planting its flag in the virtual reality landscape by creating Highsman House. RadbillHighsman House is a community-focused virtual consumption lounge that features a dispensary and merchandise shop, a full-sized football field, a swimming pool, games, and more. The platform is accessible through Oculus or a computer and was designed in partnership with Rocket City, a technology company focused on Metaverse and NFT experiences.The purpose of Highsman House, according to Highsman Chief Marketing Officer Lane Radbill, is to utilize modern technology to foster a cannabis community while educating consumers and building brand awareness. Visitors are even welcome to participate in virtual smoke sessions with other community members, including Highsman Founder and President Ricky Williams and other company executives.RELATED: From Heisman Winner to Highsman OwnerHighsman, which launched operations in 2021, started building its Highsman House at the beginning of this year and hosted its first virtual community event, a Monday Night Football watch party, in September.“The first conversation is very surface level. They’re like, ‘Holy shit, I’m talking to Ricky Williams,’” Radbill says. “And then the second time they come back, they come back with [specific] questions and you see it start to happen; the curiosity is being fostered. That’s a long road of education, but it seems to working.”Educational ExperiencePicture this: You virtually arrive at Highsman House and are greeted with your choice of cannabis consumption, be it a joint, blunt or bong. From there, you can visit the dispensary bar to learn more about and interact with Highsman products; engage in virtual smoke sessions with other community members; participate in…

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