Irish endometriosis patient celebrates cannabis prescription success

Irish endometriosis patient celebrates cannabis prescription success
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After a six-year battle, a campaigner is thought to be the first endometriosis patient to be granted a ministerial licence for cannabis treatment in Ireland. Irish cannabis campaigner, Aimee Brown, says her consultant’s application to the Minister of Health to prescribe the treatment for her legally has been successful.  Around 70 people are currently thought to be accessing cannabis under the ministerial licence scheme in Ireland and Aimee believes she is the first endometriosis patient permitted do so. It comes after six years of fighting for a medical cannabis prescription, whilst being forced to obtain her medication illicitly. Medical cannabis access in Ireland In Ireland there are currently two routes to accessing medicinal cannabis legally. The Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) which has been active since early last year allows ‘compassionate access’ to cannabis medicines. However, it only offers access to a limited number of cannabis-based medicines to people living with one of three qualifying conditions, where other treatments have failed. These include intractable nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, severe treatment-resistant epilepsy and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (MS).  Campaigners, including Aimee, have been critical of the fact that the scheme does not include chronic pain, a condition which is thought to affect over 1.5 million citizens. The ministerial licence scheme allows a patient’s specialist doctor or GP to apply for a licence to prescribe. If successful it is the responsibility of the patient and their doctor to source the medication, the majority of which is thought to come from the Transvaal pharmacy in the Netherlands. Speaking in Irish Dáil [parliament] in July, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said 40 people were accessing cannabis through the ministerial licence scheme. Leader of the People Before Profit party, Gino Kenny TD, now believes this number to be around 70. In addition, an…

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