Colorado Officials Issue Advisory Over Cannabis Potentially Contaminated with Mold

Colorado Officials Issue Advisory Over Cannabis Potentially Contaminated with Mold

<![CDATA[Colorado officials issued a health and safety advisory Nov. 23 to warn consumers of adult-use cannabis potentially contaminated with mold.The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) identified potentially unsafe levels of yeast and mold in adult-use flower produced by Beddor Claude LLC, doing business as Chronic Therapy, according to the advisory.A DOR investigation revealed levels of contaminants above Colorado’s acceptable limits for total yeast and mold in harvest batches produced by Wheat Ridge, Colo.-based Beddor Claude, license 402R-00217, between Sept. 23 and Oct. 11, 2022.All affected cannabis products have a label that includes the license number of the business that cultivated the cannabis and the harvest batch number assigned to it.The affected Retail Marijuana Cultivation License is 403R-00287 and the harvest batch number is Silver Mountain 9.14.22.Potentially contaminated, untested harvest batch numbers can be found below.Regulators advise consumers who have the affected products should destroy them or return them to the dispensary where they were purchased. Those who experience adverse health effects from consuming the affected products should seek medical attention and report the incident to the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) using a MED Reporting Form.Potentially Contaminated, Untested Harvest Batch Numbers:Afghan Peach 2.9.22Afghan Peach 2.16.22Afghan Peach 2.23.22Afghan Peach 6.1.2022Afghan Peach 6.8.2022Afghan Peach 7.27.22Afghan Peach 9.14.22Afghan Peach 11.3.21Afghan Peach 11.10.21Afghan Peach 11.24.21Artificial Red 6.8.2022Artificial Red 6.15.2022Artificial Red 9.14.22Black Garlic 3.23.22Black Garlic 4.13.2022Black Garlic 4.20.2022Black Garlic 6.1.2022Black Garlic 7.27.22Black Garlic 8.3.22Black Garlic 8.10.22Black Garlic 8.17.22Black Garlic 8.31.22Black Garlic 10.27.21Blue Dream 12.8.21Bruce Banner 11.10.21Daywrecker OG 3.30.22Daywrecker OG 4.20.2022Daywrecker OG 4.27.2022Daywrecker OG 5.4.2022Daywrecker OG 5.11.2022Daywrecker OG 5.18.2022Daywrecker OG 6.29.22Daywrecker OG 6.8.2022Daywrecker OG 7.6.22Daywrecker OG 8.10.22Daywrecker OG 8.31.22 Daywrecker OG 11.24.21Daywrecker OG 12.22.21Extreme Cream 3.30.22Extreme Cream 4.13.2022Extreme Cream 4.20.2022Extreme Cream 5.4.2022Extreme Cream 6.15.2022Extreme Cream 6.22.2022Extreme Cream 6.29.22Extreme Cream 7.6.22Extreme Cream 7.13.22Extreme Cream 7.20.22Extreme Cream 7.27.22Extreme Cream…

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