Ireland to debate decriminalising cannabis for personal use

Ireland to debate decriminalising cannabis for personal use
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Gino Kenny TD has put forward a movement which, if successful, would see the decriminalisation of possession of cannabis for personal use in Ireland. Leader of the People Before Profit party, Gino Kenny TD, says it is time for Ireland to ‘take back control’ of its drug policies and stop criminalising consumers. Mr Kenny was speaking in the Irish Dáil [parliament] on Thursday 24 November when he put forward an amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 which seeks to decriminalise personal possession of cannabis for up to 7g or 2.5g of resin.  As Mr Kenny’s party is in opposition, the bill is unlikely to pass without the support of the sitting government. However, if successfully approved by the Dáil it would see the first amendment to the Act in around a decade.  After a long delay finally introducing the Cannabis Regulation Bill 2022 at 1pm today. Looking forward to the discussion ahead…— Gino Kenny TD (@Ginosocialist) November 24, 2022 Speaking to the house Mr Kenny said the bill was a ‘number of years in the making’ and that having ‘vastly moved on’ in the 42 years since the Act was brought in, that Ireland was now in a ‘different place in relation to drug reform’. “I believe the existing legislation is out of date and out of time,” said Mr Kenny. “We need a different narrative in relation to drug reform because criminalising people for small possession of any drug, particularly cannabis, is a complete waste of time. It’s a waste of resources and bringing people through the criminal justice system doesn’t work.” He went on to address the ‘irony’ that laws intended to act as a deterrent from the possession or cultivation of cannabis have only forced the market ‘underground’ arguing that it was time to ‘take…

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