How hemp-based cooking bags can save lives while protecting the planet

How hemp-based cooking bags can save lives while protecting the planet
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A new initiative is turning medical cannabis waste into eco-cook bags for cleaner, healthier, more sustainable cooking. The simple act of cooking a meal can have hazardous results. Almost three billion people—one in three—depend on fuels such as wood, charcoal and kerosene to prepare food over open flames using inefficient stoves in small, enclosed spaces. This type of “dirty cooking” pumps out harmful fumes and planet-warming greenhouse-gas emissions and, according to the Clean Cooking Alliance, leads to four million premature deaths each year. Women and children are often the most impacted from toxic cooking techniques. Clean cook bags are one solution that significantly reduces the time it takes to prepare a meal and helps decrease the amount of poisonous fumes associated with fossil fuelled cooking and open-flame fires. They essentially act as slow cookers to retain heat long after a pot is taken off the stove. While these tea-cosy type bags cut down water use and energy associated with traditional cooking, they are not necessarily great for the planet as the material used for insulation is often made from petroleum-based styrofoam. Swapping this material out for hemp-based insulation could be a game changer when it comes to clean cooking that’s also good for the environment.  Hemp-based clean cook bags. Photo: Eternal Flame/Unyte Hemp Swapping styrofoam for hemp When Ken Dunne founded Eternal Flame Worldwide, the company made cooking bags from cotton and petrochemical-based insulation. Now, Eternal Flame Worldwide and Unyte Hemp have partnered to create hemp-based clean cook bags that are eco-friendly, carbon negative and that embody the principles of a circular economy. “I said look, why don’t we make these out of hemp,” explains Jamie Bartley, CEO of Unyte Hemp. “It’s more sustainable and can be just as scalable.”  After initial testing, the hemp-based bags showed a better thermodynamic…

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