Oregon Regulators Address ‘Gaming’ of THC Potency Testing

Oregon Regulators Address ‘Gaming’ of THC Potency Testing

<![CDATA[Oregon cannabis regulators approved a final rule Nov. 17 to address gaps in the regulated laboratory testing sector that have drawn licensee complaints about THC potency numbers in the competitive state environment. Under the new rule, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission (OLCC) may require a licensee to submit samples identified by the commission to a laboratory of the commission’s choosing to be tested in order to determine whether a licensee is in compliance with the cannabis testing. Despite a push by some industry players to offer education on terpenes and minor cannabinoids, and how those compounds embody the benefits and effects of the cannabis plant, consumer demand trends continue to gravitate toward THC potency. In turn, producers and processors fighting for shelf space have driven lab testing business by shopping around in many state-legal markets. RELATED: THC or Terpenes? In Oregon, where state regulators implemented a cannabis licensing moratorium earlier this year in response to a “crowded marketplace,” OLCC officials took action last week to address the validity of cannabis test results, especially for THC content, and to fill the voids that have led to lab shopping. “There’s a lot of voices that don’t want THC to be the sole factor, and the skewed THC is something the consumer fixates on, and it’s not fair,” OLCC Commissioner Matt Maletis said in a news release. While the OLCC has had audit testing authority since the inception of Oregon’s cannabis program, gaps preceding the rule change include a lack of clarity on: what happens if a discrepancy between an original test and audit test exists; and whether OLCC can require licensed labs to provide samples directly for testing. The rule change, which will take full effect on Jan. 1, 2023, will resolve those ambiguities, TJ Sheehy, OLCC director of analytics and research,…

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