Colombian Senators Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill

Colombian Senators Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill
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A bill to legalize marijuana in Colombia has been approved in a Senate committee for the first time, weeks after it also advanced in the country’s Chamber of Representatives. Lawmakers have met several times in recent weeks to debate the reform proposal, which would amend the country’s Constitution to end cannabis prohibition for adults. It passed the First Committee of the Senate on Tuesday by a vote of 11-4, though there are still more legislative steps that must be taken before it’s potentially enacted into law. Seguimos avanzando en el cambio de paradigma sobre la política de drogas. Por primera vez nuestro proyecto para regular el #CannabisDeUsoAdulto avanza en Senado. Con el liderazgo de @PizarroMariaJo hoy la @PrimeraSenado lo aprobó en tercer debate. Es #HoraDeRegular — Juan Carlos Losada (@JuanKarloslos) November 22, 2022 “We continue to advance in the paradigm shift on drug policy,” Rep. Juan Carlos Losada, the bill’s sponsor, said following the vote, according to a translation. #ComisiónI | | Fue APROBADO en primer debate el PAL No. 033/2022 Senado – 002/2022 Cámara, por medio del cual se modifica el artículo 49 de la Constitución Política de Colombia, se regulariza el cannabis de uso adulto. Finaliza sesión y se cita para mañana a las 10:00 a.m. — Senado de la República (@SenadoGovCo) November 22, 2022 At a public hearing in the Senate panel on Monday, Justice Minister Néstor Osuna said that Colombia has been the victim of “a failed war that was designed 50 years ago and, due to absurd prohibitionism, has brought us a lot of blood, armed conflict, mafias and crime.” “The national government supports this draft legislative act for the adult use of cannabis,” he said. “We believe that it is very important that this step be taken towards a responsible market—a responsible…

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