House Lawmakers Launch Bipartisan Psychedelics Caucus

House Lawmakers Launch Bipartisan Psychedelics Caucus
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Two lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have joined forces to create the Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Clinical Treatments (PACT) Caucus, a panel launched last week to advocate for research into psychedelic drugs. The caucus is co-chaired by California Democratic Representative Lou Correa and Representative Jack Bergman, a Republican from Michigan who is also a retired lieutenant general with the United States Marine Corps. The new bipartisan caucus will advocate for research into psychedelics including psilocybin and MDMA, which have shown great promise as potential treatments for a range of mental health conditions including anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, addiction, and post-traumatic stress disorder. “Having served our Nation as a member of the United States military and in Congress, I’ve seen the destruction post-traumatic stress disorder can cause on my fellow veterans and their families,” Bergman said in a statement, as reported by the Washington Examiner. “Our job is to find solutions to these problems, and if psychedelic-assisted therapy can help treat or even fully cure someone of their PTSD, we need to take a closer look at these potential life-saving therapies.” Caucus Will Advocate for Psychedelics Research The bipartisan psychedelics caucus will investigate modern research on psychedelic-assisted therapies and advocate for expanded clinical research and future congressional funding for psychedelics studies. The panel will also examine federal barriers to psychedelics research and work to increase awareness of research into psychedelics and the potential therapeutic value of the drugs among other members of Congress and their staffs. The caucus does not plan to advocate for the decriminalization, legalization, or rescheduling of psychedelic drugs. In a statement, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) noted that the new caucus is made up of bipartisan lawmakers who are committed to “addressing ways to alleviate the national mental health crisis through psychedelic science and research.”…

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