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6 best strains for Sagittarius season

6 best strains for Sagittarius season
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Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is often depicted as an eagle-eyed, bowhunting centaur with its weapon cocked to the sky. The image is objectively badass, but it only tells a fraction of the Sagittarius story. Though they are depicted as fearless hunters, the arrow metaphor is as mutable as the sign, which is to say, its form can take on many different meanings. So don’t let the hunter effigy sway you. Sagittarian energy is actually quite warm, inquisitive, enthusiastic, and optimistic, if also a bit stubborn and loud. And though Sag vibes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, when the time is right, those vibes are legit aspirational. Sags have a reputation for saying what they feel and feeling what they say, despite the acceptance or rejection of their audience. For those who lack that fortitude, now’s the time to tap into that Sagittarius energy. Navigate the cannabis universe with the Weedmaps app Zodiac stoner or not, between November 22 and December 21, we can all treat Sagittarius season as a time to double down on our hard-won beliefs, laugh as loud as possible — especially in public — wander without intention, learn without purpose, and love far harder than our hearts will allow. And for the cannathusiasts hoping to drink in some of that good Sagittarius zodiac juice straight from the tap, here are the perfect cultivars to help you tap into that fiery wellspring of centaur badassness whenever necessary. No bow, arrow, or half horse needed. Aloha Aloha is a mysterious cultivar with unknown origins, but the effects seem to land, for most consumers, firmly in the landrace sativa camp. The head highs are described as euphoric and creative, while the body high is reportedly elastic and super long-lasting. Altogether, this strain is punchy enough to erase malaise and cognitively…

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