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Where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Stands On Marijuana

Where Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Stands On Marijuana
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Two years after losing his reelection bid to President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he’s making another run for the White House. In a speech announcing his candidacy, Trump signaled that drug policy will be a focal point of his campaign—but not by advocating for reform. He talked about waging “war on the cartels” and working with Congress to pass legislation to impose the death penalty on “drug dealers” who are “responsible for death, carnage and crime.” It’s not the first time that Trump has expressed interest in executing people over drug trafficking, as during his presidency he applauded counties that impose extreme penalties like capital punishment on people who sell drugs. But in the lead-up to launching his latest candidacy, he’s made it a frequent talking point, strongly leaning into the punitive drug policy in a way that’s alarmed civil rights advocates.

The former president’s political influence has come under question after Republicans underperformed expectations in the midterm elections that he involved himself in. But if he ultimately receives the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, he could again face President Joe Biden, who has not yet announced his candidacy for a second term. As president, Trump did not pursue a full-scale crackdown of state-legal cannabis programs and he did voice tentative support for modest reform legislation, but his administration made a number of hostile anti-marijuana actions—from rescinding Obama-era guidance on cannabis prosecutions to implementing policies making immigrants ineligible for citizenship if they consume marijuana or work in the cannabis industry. Put simply, the former president is a drug policy enigma. His past comments on drug policy, attitude toward state-level legalization efforts and administrative actions as president offer a dizzying portrait of a person who once said all drugs should be legal but who…

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