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Have experts found a more cost-effective way to cultivate medicinal cannabis?

Have experts found a more cost-effective way to cultivate medicinal cannabis?
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An Australian firm claims to have uncovered a more cost-effective and sustainable way to cultivate medicinal cannabis – which could lead to lower prices for patients.  A study into the cultivation of medicinal cannabis, led by researchers at CSIRO Australia’s national science agency and cannabis enterprise, Cannatrek, reports that it has uncovered an environmentally friendly way to reduce cultivation costs. Those behind the study believe this could potentially lead to a lower prices for patients seeking cannabis treatment. Cannatrek, which specialises in the research and cultivation of medicinal cannabis, conducted the research in a bid to improve the mineral nutrition of medicinal plants and announced the results in a recent press release.   The six-month study, made possible under a $50,000 Australian Government Innovation Connections Pathway Grant, focused on understanding the medicinal cannabis plant’s demands for essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Tommy  Huppert, founder and CEO of Cannatrek, commented: “Cannatrek is committed to agricultural excellence and providing the highest standard of products for patients.  We are thrilled to be able to leverage the country’s greatest scientific minds to benefit patients. “The medicinal cannabis economy in Australia is currently valued at over 0M and continues to climb at a rapid  rate. Research that improves manufacturing processes, ultimately creates higher quality medicinal cannabis, which is vital for Australia to compete in a global market.” The research findings Study results are said to have indicated that the application of potassium can be drastically reduced, by up to 50% in specific  growing environments, with minimal impact on crop development and yield, saving money and resource load and reducing environmental impacts.   This indicates that major sustainability gains can be achieved when bringing evidence-based research to cannabis mineral nutrition.  Mr Huppert added that with global supply chain issues and a significant increase in…

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