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Pucker’s Dynamic Smoking Devices

Pucker’s Dynamic Smoking Devices
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No matter what your smoking preference is, Pucker has you covered. From flower to oil and all the way to wax, there are even devices that can handle multiple forms of everyone’s favorite plant. Pucker devices have bright designs and unique features to give you the best smoking experience possible.  So far, Pucker offers 11 different vaporizers and a heated knife for dabbing. If all that wasn’t enough, Pucker has recently expanded to include glass bongs with classic designs you’re familiar with and more unique statement pieces. They’ve also designed a bong that disguises itself as a water bottle for people who like to be more discrete with their sessions when traveling.  Meet The Mother Pucker Pucker has a lot to choose from, but one of their most interesting devices is a dab rig that does it all. The Mother Pucker can be used for concentrates and flower. The long-lasting battery makes it perfect on a single charge for several sessions, and the padded travel case makes it easy to carry everything you need, no matter where you’re going to smoke.  So how can it do both? The Mother Pucker includes a titanium quartz pot for its wax mode and a ceramic pot for flower mode. The battery is strong, removable, and 2200 mAh with circuity to prevent overcharging. You know, because usually we leave things on the charger for way too long. Plug in this e-rig and forget about it—the battery won’t suffer from the effects of being left on the charger.  One of the best features of this ultimate rig is the quick heat up time and temperature control. The Mother Pucker automatically identifies the heat mode for your session’s ideal temperature,  or you can choose your own. With four different heat modes, it’s easier to get what you want…

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