Stigma behind medical cannabis in UK patients

Stigma behind medical cannabis in UK patients
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In recent years, public opinion has been leaning heavily in favour of cannabis as a restorative. Besides its medical properties, it is the world’s most commonly used recreational drug.Whether for recreational use or for medical, many governments have started to follow suit, shifting their policy to reflect that cannabis certainly isn’t going away any time soon.However, many cannabis users still deal with stigma from society, especially in areas of the world like the UK where cannabis remains illegal for recreational use.Patients in the UK who have been prescribed medical grade marijuana still find they have been discriminated against.In the workplace, in social contexts, coming under scrutiny from friends and family or encountering negative stereotypes about being lazy, criminal, or less intelligent.In a recent study comparing seven different European countries, each with various levels of cannabis criminalisation, researchers from the University of Amsterdam hypothesised whether more punitive laws meant a lower tolerance for cannabis use.This hypothesis was exactly right. The study published in the European Journal of Criminology showed stigma was without a doubt much more intense in those countries.In the early 1900s, there were a huge variety of different disorders and conditions that were routinely treated with cannabis, and patients wouldn’t think twice about using it.However, around the 1930s and continuing for decades, a targeted campaign of laws and reform began to be pushed out across the globe, changing society completely and making cannabis stigma the new normal. Harsher penalties, higher levels of stigma Researchers in this study surveyed 1,225 cannabis users from seven different European countries – Greece, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, and the Netherlands.These seven countries all have fairly different policies surrounding cannabis, although it is technically illegal in all.The Netherlands, followed by Portugal, has the least punitive laws and Greece has the most punitive laws.Depending…

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