How a Cold Spring Stunted Cannabis Seedlings

How a Cold Spring Stunted Cannabis Seedlings
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“It’s farmin’” I like to say every time there is a minor crisis or impending disaster brought on by the weather, a broken water line in the irrigation system, or a broken water pump on the tractor. And just when you think you’ve made every mistake or solved every problem about growing the crop, some new crisis needs to find a solution, right away. This year, we dealt with the challenges of an unusually cold spring which led to stunted cannabis seedlings and delays in the grow cycle. Last year’s crisis involved the delicate cannabis seedling starts which were being eaten by a family of field mice living under some boards we had laid on the ground to create a level floor for the 2- and 3-gallon pots. The exposed tender starts were like a salad bar for the mice, and they chowed down, consuming nearly one quarter of all the starts. To solve that problem this spring, we put all the pots up on tables and put the table legs in bins with water. To save on potting soil, we used 4-inch mini pots filled with a mixture of coir, rice hulls and worm castings. Challenges are bound to come up when growing outdoors in the sun, and moving with the ups and downs of Mother Nature. We are always learning and growing alongside our garden. A Rollercoaster of Rain and Sun In early April, as soon as we cracked our seeds and put them in the planting medium, the weather literally ran amok. It was a weather rollercoaster. First rain, then hail, then snow, then brilliant sunshine and 70- or 80-degree temps, followed again by rain and below freezing nights. This unusual pattern continued through the spring. Only later did we realize that the tiny pots were a…

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