How To Stop Cannabis Plants From Falling Over

How To Stop Cannabis Plants From Falling Over

Of all the things that can go wrong when growing weed, cannabis plants falling over has got to be up there with one of the most devastating. Fortunately, plants are designed to stay upright. So, catastrophe is easily avoided as long as conditions are maintained within certain acceptable parameters. In other words, if your plants do fall over, it probably means your set-up is out of whack. Related Post How To Grow Short Cannabis Plants That Are Loaded With Bud Table of contentsWhy Do Cannabis Plants Fall Over?How To Avoid Seedling StretchingNutrients Help Plants Stay UpHow To Stop Potted Plants From Falling OverAdd Stakes to Support your PlantWhich Cannabis Strains Are The Least Likely To Fall Over? Why Do Cannabis Plants Fall Over? Cannabis plants can droop and fall if their stems become too long, thin and spindly to take the weight of the leaves and flowers. Under normal conditions, this shouldn’t happen, although plants do have a tendency to stretch when they are stressed. Though it might seem counterproductive, stretching is actually a defence mechanism. One that cannabis plants resort to in order to grow as quickly as possible during tough times. When something’s not right, a plant will use up its energy reserves to accelerate its growth in the hope of reaching the flowering stage and passing on its genes. On the whole, stretching is more common in grow rooms than outdoors. And often begins shortly after germination if one or more environmental factors are slightly off-key. Therefore, beginners who haven’t mastered the art of keeping their plants happy are likely to notice a fair degree of stretching. How To Avoid Seedling Stretching In the great outdoors, cannabis plants receive their light directly from the sun and their nutrients from the Earth. However, indoor growers must play the…

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