Medical cannabis in the mainstream – five headlines to catch-up on

Medical cannabis in the mainstream – five headlines to catch-up on
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From ‘suspicious’ flower displays to grows lighting up the sky in Australia, cannabis has been making for interesting reading this week. While UK outlets have shared inspiring stories of patients who have benefitted from medical prescriptions, the Irish press covered the frustrations of CBD companies’ and a mysterious red glow from a cannabis plant in Australia made global headlines. Read on for five of the top stories from the past few weeks. Former England Hockey player on the benefits of medical cannabis Former GB athlete Frankie Butler spoke to Women’s Health about a devasting injury during a 2019 hockey match that left her unable to walk at aged 20. Her doctors found that surgery, physiotherapy nor morphine was helping with her pain before diagnosing her with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). “[CRPS] is a rare condition that means every stimuli my left leg feels leads to agony; even air, water or a fluffy sock feels like someone is stabbing and crushing my leg whilst setting it alight,” she said. While most prescription drugs have failed to help her condition, Frankie said a combination of exercise in her wheelchair and medical cannabis is helping reduce the pain. “I’m the first patient in the UK to be treated with CBD and THC (medicinal cannabis oils) for CRPS, and I can genuinely say that they’ve been life-changing,” she said. “My left leg can’t thermoregulate its temperature, but when I first used CBD, this amazing feeling of warmth spread up my leg and I slept well for the first time in two and a half years.” Mysterious pink glow over Australian town revealed to be local cannabis facility Residents of the Australian town of Mildura, Victoria were stunned last week as the night sky was lit up with an eerie pink glow. The town…

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