What does UK law say about medical cannabis and driving?

What does UK law say about medical cannabis and driving?
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With the number of legal patients growing by the day, we explore the latest guidance on driving with a medical cannabis prescription.  Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK almost four years ago, in November 2018. There are now thought to be just under 20,000 legal cannabis patients, with around 20 clinics prescribing privately. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted as a medicine by society, this number is only going to grow. But many patients still feel unsure about what their rights are in certain aspects of their day to day lives, with driving and road safety one of the areas where more clarity is needed.  Is it legal to drive with a medical cannabis prescription? What are the risks? And are patients required to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of their prescription?  A research report published earlier this year on behalf of the Department for Transport took the first steps towards providing guidance on medical cannabis and road safety.  Interviews were held with a number of key informants and a review of the existing literature was carried out.  The report aimed to gather evidence on the impact of medical cannabis on driving ability and road safety, as well as knowledge and understanding of this among patients and prescribers.  How might medical cannabis impact driving ability? According to interview participants, the effects of cannabis which may impact driving ability include: drowsiness, impaired judgement, slower reaction time, poorer control of motor skills, lack of concentration, confusion and blurred vision. THC levels may impact on the nature and level of impairment, but CBD is not generally regarded as a concern for road safety. Existing evidence suggests that impairment from medical cannabis containing THC usually lasts for four hours or less. The report adds that some studies actually show improvements…

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