New Zealand Government Grants $650K For LSD Microdosing Trials

New Zealand Government Grants 0K For LSD Microdosing Trials

Press Release Mindbio Therapeutics, a subsidiary of cannabis and psychedelics holding company Blackhawk Growth Corp.  together with research collaborators at the University of Auckland, have received NZ$1.44 million ($650,000) in funding from New Zealand’s Health Research Council (HRC) to conduct a LSD microdosing trial in patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The state agency grant funding followed the successful completion of a phase 1 clinical trial in 80 healthy participants. The data from this study is currently being assembled and MindBio is set to further announce the new findings. 10,000 microdoses of LSD will fit into this tiny bottle but could help up to 60 patients who suffer from Mental Health issues. MindBio Therapeutics has just completed Phase 1 trials and the results will be released soon. #mentalhealth #help #lsd #menta… — MindBio Therapeutics (@MindBioTherap) July 10, 2022 Currently, the company is exclusively focused in the development of psychedelic microdosing clinical trials with scientific collaborators at the University of Auckland towards the creation of intellectual property and novel treatments for mental health conditions which are suit for commercialization and use in patients in need.  

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Source : New Zealand Government Grants 0K For LSD Microdosing Trials

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