Don’t like the taste of CBD oil? Try capsules

Don’t like the taste of CBD oil? Try capsules
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CBD has a distinct taste, which not everyone can get on board with. Here, Provocan explores the benefits to taking it in capsule form. Have you ever wondered why CBD oil tastes or smells different every time you use it? For those of you using CBD oil rather than cannabidiol oil capsules the question often arises – and we have the answer. After using a product for some time, you replace it when it runs out – but the new product doesn’t seem the same. There’s no need to worry, though. It’s not like your favourite shampoo that changes formulas and becomes less effective.The fact that CBD oil sometimes tastes different every time is a good thing. And here is why: there can be variances in the appearance, taste, and smell of CBD oil because it is a natural product. Our CBD is derived from organically grown hemp that does not contain any GMOs or pesticides, variations are inevitable. Different harvests produce very different products, so it’s extremely difficult to create them exactly alike. Moreover, full-spectrum CBD oil is an extremely complex product. The unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids in each bottle produces the benefits we all know and love, along with its unique taste. At Provacan, we are constantly striving to make our formulations even better through extensive research and testing. Our products contain lab reports showing the exact cannabinoid content for each tincture, so you can rest assured that even though your oil tastes different, the product still has the same cannabinoid levels per each batch. And you can always opt for cannabidiol oil capsules if you prefer a tasteless CBD experience. Is there a reason why CBD oil tastes the way it does? There is no distinct taste or smell to a cannabinoid like CBD or THC.…

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