How to use a cannabis vaporiser – 7 top tips and tricks

How to use a cannabis vaporiser – 7 top tips and tricks
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This article was originally published by Gleb Oleinik for The Cannigma. Vaping is an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis. Yet, there’s a lot to know if you want to learn how to use a vaporiser properly. You should be aware of the health risks, different types of vape products, and tips on how to vape correctly. Vaping vs smoking cannabis Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking cannabis [which is still illegal in the UK]. Although both methods involve inhaling cannabinoids, vaping greatly reduces the amount of the toxic compounds produced by combusting cannabis, making it a safer option. 1 Another advantage of vaping is that you’re not limited to cannabis flower and can use waxes, oils, distillates, and other extracts. A 2018 study on infrequent cannabis users found that vaping cannabis (containing 10 mg or 25 mg THC) produced stronger effects and higher blood THC levels when compared to smoking. 2 According to the researchers, “vaporisers appear to be a more efficient cannabis and THC delivery method, likely because with traditional smoked preparations, more THC is lost as a result of pyrolysis (combustion) and/or side-stream smoke.” How to use a cannabis vaporiser The precise steps will depend on the kind of device you’re using, but here’s a rough guide on how to use a cannabis vape: 1. Grind the cannabis If using dry flower, grind it and place it into the chamber. Otherwise, attach your THC oil cartridge to your battery or add your concentrate to the chamber. 2. Turn on the vaporiser If you can change the voltage, start with the lowest setting. If your device has an adjustable temperature, start with around 315-320°F (157-160°C). 3. Inhale Press the button or inhale directly for draw-activated devices. Start with a small puff, inhaling into your lungs or first into your mouth and…

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