Solventless Tsunami: Left Coast Extracts Vape Pods Deliver the Flavor

Solventless Tsunami: Left Coast Extracts Vape Pods Deliver the Flavor
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Fans of magnetic, dual-barrel vape systems are in for a long and steady ride on a rollercoaster of terps. Left Coast Extracts pods are available in dual-barrel form, and the strain-specific extracts are more than worthy of praise. Apart from Left Coast Extracts’ 510 thread pens, cartridges, and Dablicators, the dual-barrel pod system provides consistent deep draws that fits flat and naturally. San Diego County-based Left Coast Extracts craft solventless-focused concentrates from California-grown flower with quality that carries over in the final product. The company was founded by Alexandria Kometas and Coltin Barody, who comes from a background in the U.S. Navy and presidential honor guard. At Left Coast Extracts, strains known for their effects are hand-selected for the extraction process, and there’s also an emphasis on the individual consumers and patients. Left Coast offers a variety of solventless consistencies including crumble, diamonds (with over 95% THC), badder, diamonds & sauce, and so on. The company has taken home multiple Cannabis Cup wins over the years at events from Denver, Colorado to Amsterdam with entries such as Jack Herer, a sativa. The vape pod delivery system is perfect for AirBnb stays or moms and dads who want the vape to hit but also want the odor to be minimal. The pods fit together with the battery stick like a Lego, and it is held together with a magnet. It’s light enough and flat enough to forget it’s in your pocket. It’s interchangeable with similar dual barrel pens; however, Left Coast owns the patent to the pod. The colorful pod boxes provide lab results, and a QR code on the back can be scanned to provide further results. Courtesy of Left Coast Extracts Left Coast Extracts Premium Vape Pods Review I started off my journey with the Gelato Premium Vape Pod…

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