Leaflink Launch Payments Platform In Six States

Leaflink Launch Payments Platform In Six States

GMR reports LeafLink is diving deeper into the world of payments. It’s an area that has bedeviled the industry as the large banks and credit card companies won’t work with the cannabis industry. LeafLink is mostly known for its wholesale cannabis platform, but now its expanded its payments suite to include Direct Payments for customers in six states. LeafLink’s Direct Payments solution is now in Colorado, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Nevada. LeafLink also noted that in addition to its Direct Payments offering, it is also launching a new digital onboarding journey for all users, which verifies and approves the company for LeafLink Payments in real-time. “Between Direct and Flexible Payments solutions, LeafLink offers a range of holistic digital payments and purchase financing services that simplifies cannabis business operations,” said Ryan G. Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of LeafLink. “Our Direct Payments service gives cannabis operators a seamless, simple and intuitive way to manage digital transactions. The LeafLink team is excited to offer such a necessary solution to our customers across six states and hopes to help more cannabis businesses realize their growth goals in the future.” LeafLink’ said its Direct Payments solution addresses operational pain points experienced by buyers and sellers who rely on cash transactions, allowing them to seamlessly send and receive compliant ACH payments. For buyers, Direct Payments enable businesses to effectively manage cash flow by eliminating the uncertainty of mailing and clearing checks. Sellers, on the other hand, can leverage Direct Payments to digitize manual cash collections, lower transaction costs, and expedite time-to-cash timelines. Complimentary for all LeafLink customers until next year, the service allows brands and retailers to save time, secure their payments, and centralize their transaction process within the LeafLink platform. Cannabis Companies Are Digging Deeper Into Fintech

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