Juicyfields Is One Big Freakin’ Scam Job Says DW.com & Everybody Else

Juicyfields Is One Big Freakin’ Scam Job Says DW.com & Everybody Else

This story has really begun  to gain traction over the last 72 hours. It doesn’t look good. I must say when I initially saw their pitch. It was a classic “note to self” stay away! This one will run This is what DW are saying Just how much money small investors around the globe have put into a shady offer involving cannabis plants is not yet known. But the damage is likely huge, with some estimates as high as several billion euros. The scam became apparent after investors were unable to access their accounts on a platform called Juicyfields.io. Frozen accounts Since 2020, the company Juicyfields offered a service called “e-growing” where investors could participate in the cultivation, harvest and sale of medicinal cannabis. The company promised returns of well over 100% a year. “People are just not used to making good profits anymore,” Juicyfields’ then-corporate spokesman and Chief Business Development Officer Daniel Gauci said as recently as March when questioned by DW about the company’s business model. He declined to provide details about how the company could generate such high returns. Sample Clip: Cannabis Cowboys – a DW podcast series The company’s main tool was its online platform. There, users could buy and sell plants, manage them in virtual greenhouses and have their money paid out. However, recent developments called into question whether the plants ever existed. Since mid-July, users can no longer log in to the platform, and the company has removed all its content from social media platforms. Now, there are indications of what some industry experts have long suspected: that Juicyfields is a scam, and the investors’ money is gone. The next big exit scam? The company claimed its platform had 500,000 users, mostly from Europe, Latin America, Asia and also Africa. The minimum investment was €50 (about $50), the upper…

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