Cash Only: Adult Film Star Jane Wilde

Cash Only: Adult Film Star Jane Wilde
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This article was originally published on Cash Only. Sign up for the newsletter here and follow Cash Only on Instagram and Twitter. Today’s Cash Only recommendations come from the very lovely Jane Wilde—famed adult film star and a loud and proud pothead. Jane’s got great taste and is an ideal toker to share a joint with. She’s based in L.A. and lives with her cockapoo puppy, Scout. We hit up the smut legend to learn about her relationship with weed. Jane talked about her love for Jerry Garcia’s family cannabis brand, getting lost in specific subreddits, and why Lana Del Rey is her go-to music once baked. All photos by Zach Sokol or courtesy of Jane Wilde. Photo by Zach Sokol Cash Only: What’s your current favorite strain? How do you like to consume it? Jane Wilde: As of right now, I don’t have a particular favorite strain. I always lean more towards indicas though—in da couch. I’ve been smoking a lot of pre-rolls lately due to my laziness and reluctance to crush and roll weed. Joints have always been my preferred method of smoking! What’s your current favorite weed product? Currently my favorite weed product is Garcia Hand Picked’s indica pre-rolls. First of all, the packaging is sick. The brand is run by the daughters of the legendary Jerry Garcia, so every box has a Grateful Dead set list on it, and inside is a small envelope with five big joints, a glass tip, and matches. It’s the perfect little stoner kit. I love supporting them and their products because they’re so good… plus, I love rock ‘n roll. What’s an activity you like to do after you’ve consumed the Garcia Hand Picked pre-rolls? Usually I’m chilling at home smoking, so once I’m nice and toasty, I’ll put on…

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