The Origins of Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

The Origins of Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Before we start, we thought it would be relevant to mention we’re selling Northern Lights Auto seeds at their lowest price ever, just in case, you know, you were interested in such.Anyway, on with the show… No other indica plant besides the legendary G-13 has accumulated such widespread recognition and fame as the Northern Lights Afghani. The original Northern Lights plants were pure indicas, but later hybrids were released with a bit of Thai Sativa in their pedigree. This probably accounts for the fruity taste and great, almost psychedelic, high that this plant is known for today. Although most of the subsequent plants were bred towards an indica expression, there are still sativa phenotypes popping up now and then as a reminder of the genetic history of the plant. The Birth of a Legend Making its way from the Pacific North West to the Netherlands in 1985, Northern Lights seeds, allegedly, arrived in the possession of Nevil Schoenmaker. How they got there is still of some mystery. Nevil owned of Holland’s first cannabis Seed Company known as The Seed Bank, later was renamed Sensi Seeds under new ownership. According to the most credible source, Northern Lights was originally bred by a man known as “The Indian” on an island near Seattle, Washington, in the USA. Some also claim that the plant originated in California before ending up in the hand of this mysterious man from Seattle, but there is no conclusive evidence to support this. Apparently, a total of eleven plants were labelled Northern Lights #1 through Northern Lights #11. Northern Lights #5 was said to have been the best of the bunch, with Northern Lights #1 coming in at a close second. The original Northern Lights plants were described to be true breeding Afghanis with extreme indica characteristics. They…

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