New study highlights dangers of vaping cannabinoid acetates

New study highlights dangers of vaping cannabinoid acetates
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A new study provides insight into the potential risks of vaping cannabinoid acetates – non-natural compounds found in some synthetic cannabis products. Researchers at Portland State University have found that vaping cannabinoid acetates may lead to the formation of a deadly gas which could cause lung damage in consumers. Cannabinoid acetates, such as THC-O acetate (or ATHC), are lab-engineered, synthetic compounds – not naturally occurring in cannabis.  As with synthetic cannabinoids such as ‘spice’ and ‘K2’ – which are highly potent and have been found to have up to 30 times higher risk of adverse effects than natural cannabis – these compounds would not be present in any prescribed cannabis products in the UK or found in medical cannabis dispensaries.  However, certain cannabinoid acetates, such as Delta 8 THC acetate are available online and over the counter in states where recreational cannabis is legal in the US, despite the fact that it is currently unregulated by the FDA due to a lack of safety data. This latest study is the first research into cannabinoid acetate emissions, and provides some insight into the associated risks.  Ketene and vitamin E acetate The researchers found that the toxic gas known as ketene is released when cannabinoid acetates are heated under vaping conditions. While ketene is known to be toxic to humans, lead researcher Robert Strongin said it’s too dangerous to study in order to fully understand its impact on the human body. Ketene was found previously by researchers studying vitamin E acetate in 2019 in the emissions from a commercial e-cigarette. This led to its identification as a possible source of the vaping-induced lung injury outbreak that led to nearly 3,000 hospitalisations and deaths in the US. Vitamin E acetate shares similarities in chemical structure to the new cannabinoid acetate products on the…

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