Weedmaps' ultimate guide to the best dab rigs of 2022

Weedmaps' ultimate guide to the best dab rigs of 2022

Dabbing is a cosmic subculture of the cannabis world complete with its own slang and otherworldly rigs, devices, bangers, and tools. But while the genre is growing, it’s been a slow burn due to the opacity of the culture, potency of the products, and a general lack of public understanding. Thanks to an explosion of tech-forward dab devices like the Puffco Peak — which replaced the daunting torch set up with a push of a button — times have surely changed. Dabbing has never been easier, and there have never been more dabbing products to choose from. Spoiler alert: most of them suck. In the hopes of helping new dabbing enthusiasts and current dabbers navigate this gooey gumdrop land where nothing is familiar and everything gets you high, I’ve rounded up the best of the best in every genre, regardless of what may know about this polarizing method of intake. Between my years of humble servitude as a device reviewer at Weedmaps, my tenure as a product columnist at Merry Jane, and doing hundreds of reviews on my IG product review show Hot Tokes, I’ve tried a lot of the dabbing products on the market — a lot of them. To form this list, I meticulously experienced every product and fielded additional input from other cannabis journalists, famous stoners, and dabbing experts. The result is a highly comprehensive list of great products featuring rigs, devices, and ancillary gear for every level. Skip to the section that makes the most sense for you: Beginner-friendly dab rigs The best rigs for casual dabbers The best rigs for frequent dabbers Custom dab rigs Or keep scrolling to explore all the best rigs you can get right now. Category 1: Beginner-friendly dab rigs Gina Coleman/Weedmaps Here, I examine some great options for beginning dabbers who are looking for inexpensive rig…

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