SAFE Banking … Here’s the latest in horsetrading in DC

SAFE Banking … Here’s the latest in horsetrading in DC

All we can say is kudos to MJ Biz for unravelling the latest political horsetrading on the issue. If our podcast, The Karma Koala Podcast, is anything to go by the industry has almost tuned out to all the back and forth up on the Hill. It’ll be done when it’s done but nobody is expecting it to be done in the adminstration so let’s just get on and do what we can do seems to be the general consensus at this stage of the proceedings   MJ Biz With midterm elections around the corner and the U.S. Congress in a rush to clear up unfinished business, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is growing increasingly frustrated that Senate Democrats continue rejecting the SAFE Banking Act already passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Moreover, the Senate has yet to hold a vote on the SAFE Banking Act – or any other marijuana reform proposal – that could pave the way for House-Senate negotiations. The head of the Senate Banking Committee, meanwhile, says his hands are tied by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, even as the clock ticks toward November’s midterm elections. In short, the cannabis banking bill appears to have hit yet another wall, and odds are long that it will reach President Joe Biden’s desk this year. Still, some lawmakers are fighting to get it passed. And House lawmakers, in particular, are demanding action from their Senate counterparts. “The frustration’s been there for a long time. They’ve got to figure out what it is they want and they can pass. Those two things aren’t necessarily the same thing, so they’ve just got to talk among themselves – Democrats and Republicans – over there,” U.S. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, Colorado Democrat, told MJBizDaily. Perlmutter – the lead House sponsor of the…

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