3 Cannabis Strains Everyone Should Grow at Least Once

3 Cannabis Strains Everyone Should Grow at Least Once

Whether you are finding it hard to choose from the bewildering array of cannabis seeds available, or you just want a change from what you normally grow, here are 3 cannabis strains everyone should grow, at least once. We chose these strains on account of their legendary genetic heritage, awesome effects, ease of growth, generous harvests and abundance of trichomes! These are the ones you won’t know you missed until you’ve grown them, and which might change your preferences for good! Blue Dream (Fem) Blue Dream is a consistent favourite year in, year out on account of its mouth-watering aroma and taste, long-lasting euphoric high, and the ease with which it grows in a variety of environments. You can’t have the discussion of cannabis strains everyone should grow with a mention of The Dream! As the offspring of Blueberry Ice crossed with a special U.S. Haze cut, this is a 70% sativa strain that requires no fuss or frills, making it suitable for beginners and professionals alike. With the usual care given to your other plants, Blue Dream will reliably produce an abundance of trichome-heavy buds that, when dried, cured, and smoked, produce a sweet berry taste with citrus and haze notes. THC content is high, accompanied by low CBD levels, which results in an uplifting, mentally energising high, making it good for the daytime and socialising. This is balanced with full-body relaxation, which helps to relieve pain, stress and anxiety, and other therapeutic benefits, making it popular with medical users. Grow-wise, Blue Dream produces medium size plants indoors and does amazingly well outdoors, reaching heights of 3.5 metres when cultivated in a warm, dry, and mild Mediterranean climate. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and you can expect a good harvest of dense buds that are easy to trim. Grow…

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