Why Won’t My Cannabis Seeds Germinate?

Why Won’t My Cannabis Seeds Germinate?

If you’re growing cannabis from seed, life begins at germination. But what happens if your seeds won’t germinate? Are you just doing it wrong? It’s possible, but other factors contribute to the successful germination of seeds. Let’s look at what to do right, what can go wrong, and how to minimise the risk of germination failure. Table of contentsWhat is Cannabis Seed Germination?Three Ways to Germinate Cannabis SeedsThe Wet Paper Towel MethodThe Glass of Water MethodThe Soil MethodMy Cannabis Seeds Won’t GerminatePoor Quality SeedsImproperly Stored SeedsOver-Handling or Incorrect HandlingIncorrect Planting TechniquesUnsterilised EquipmentIncorrect Water/Moisture LevelsYou Germinated for Too LongTemperature ProblemsToo Much LightThe ‘Wrong’ WaterThey Can’t all be Winners What is Cannabis Seed Germination? Germination is when the outer shell of a seed cracks open, and the first sprout pops its tired head out to see daylight for the first time. From there, your seed is awake, alive, and ready to grow into the superb cannabis plant it dreamed of becoming. The first initial sprout to break the surface of the seed is known as the taproot. That’s the root from which all other roots made by your plant will sprout. Once the shell breaks open and the taproot emerges, you can plant it in soil. With time and the right conditions, you’re well on your way to growing a healthy marijuana plant. If you’re wondering why your cannabis seeds won’t germinate, there are some important things to know. Cannabis seeds need three things to germinate: Water Heat Air Each is a vital cog in the germination process, and if just one is missing – or inadequate – you’re looking at a bust. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to germinate your seeds correctly. Three Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds As sure as there’s more than one way to skin a cat,…

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