Hitoki Trident Takes You to Outer Space

Hitoki Trident Takes You to Outer Space
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Tom Freston, the co-founder of MTV, once said, “Innovation is taking two things that exist and putting them together in a new way.” Nowhere is this truer than the act of smoking weed in 2022, thanks to the launch of the luxurious Trident bong by Hitoki. It’s a patent-pending laser system designed for the ultimate smoking experience. Basically, every nuance you thought you knew about the style, function and health of enjoying cannabis has been turned on its head with the introduction of the Trident’s laser combustion technology. That’s right, we said laser combustion technology. For years, cannabis lovers have conceptualized and realized ingenious ways to get high. Think about the times you were caught short and had to think on your feet for ways to enjoy your glorious ganja: From apple pipes to can pipes to bucket bongs, the list is endless. And as the legal cannabis industry matures, so too have the products that have been created in the name of getting high. The Hitoki Trident is a testament to this. The Initial Ignition Brothers and cannabis lovers Joe and Jack Tran told Cannabis Now that they founded Hitoki after contemplating what they wanted most in life. Their realization was threefold: to heal their dad, to help their loved ones, and to make a difference in the world. After landing on this this eureka moment, they just needed a vehicle to reach their end goal. The Tran brothers say they have a long history with cannabis. They credit the plant as “helping to uplift their moods and bring them out of their shells.” So, getting into the cannabis industry was a natural fit. “We love the plant [and] we want to use this company to make our own impact,” Joe said. But figuring out what that would look like…

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