Seedsman Strains on Special This Summer

Seedsman Strains on Special This Summer

What better way to celebrate the warm weather than a special offer on some truly tremendous cannabis seeds? Sure, beer and barbecue are brilliant – but some sumptuous weed is the ultimate cherry on top! The Seedsman summer promotion is underway, and three of the finest cannabis strains are available on a special buy one, get one free offer. If this were any cooler, it’d need shades. Table of contentsSeedsman 2022 Summer Promotion: DetailsTips For Growing Cannabis In SummerFor Indoor GrowersFor Outdoor GrowersSeedsman’s 2022 Summer Promotion StrainsNorthern Lights AutoBruce Banger FASTLarry Lemon OG AutoGelat. OG Seedsman 2022 Summer Promotion: Details WHEN: Right now! WHAT: Buy one, get one free, same size and strain on selected Seedsman Strains (e.g. buy 4 Gelat.OG, get an additional 4 Gelat.OG free!) HOW: Simply add any of the strains listed below to your cart, and we’ll add a second matching bag of seeds automatically – FREE! Tips For Growing Cannabis In Summer One of the most significant considerations when growing cannabis during summer is undoubtedly temperature. With that in mind, it’s essential to ensure that you’re well equipped to keep your plants suitably cool whether you grow indoors or out. For Indoor Growers Heat and humidity can cause problems for your plants. Take care to ensure you have adequate control measures, including monitoring devices. All that growing equipment generates heat, so make sure your room is well ventilated. During the vegetative stage, keep the humidity lower than 70%. Between 40-70% is good. Aim for a room temperature in the mid-20s (°C) when your grow lights are on and between 18-22°C when the lights are off. Once flowering begins, lower humidity is necessary to keep pathogen risks at bay and to ensure adequate plant growth. Aim for between 40-50% relative humidity here. Drop the room temperature…

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