The NACB Call It A Day

The NACB Call It A Day

It seems they could never really compete with the NCIA who have been around since 2010 and always had a larger war chest to play with. Our main comment is that only having one association representing the industry as a whole probably will concentrate power with certain people and companies mirroring a certain set of assumptions and that’s not always best for the wider ecosystem. This is the email we received this morning On behalf of NACB and our CEO, Marie St. Fleur, thank your interest in and having been a part of NACB. It has been our honor to serve the cannabis industry since 2017. Due to current economic conditions, the decision has been made to cease operations of NACB. The organization will close by July 31, 2022.  Certain information on our website,, will remain available indefinitely. While we are saddened to share this news, we remain hopeful that our industry will continue to advance, and we are confident of that because of people like you. Sincerely, Your NACB Team

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Source : The NACB Call It A Day

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