THC Seasonings Elevate Health and Flavor 

THC Seasonings Elevate Health and Flavor 
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Southern California CEO Victoria Ortega spent over two decades searching for her calling in the culinary field. A pastry chef by trade, Ortega has worked in restaurants since the ripe age of 14.  She started out as a server, then into the kitchen as a dishwasher to a chef to a kitchen manager. She was always searching for the perfect way to combine her passion for food and having fun in the kitchen with her calling for service and helping people. Now with her new line of THC-infused cooking seasonings, she’s able to do just that.  Ortega is a big fan of cannabis, but not particularly as a user herself. Rather, she loves cannabis for its medicinal purposes. In Ortega’s circle of family and friends, people have used THC to assuage symptoms of pain, insomnia, depression and even cancer. “My heart is in it for medical benefits,” the 35-year-old chef said. “I truly believe this is a supplement that can make people’s lives better and help cope with pain.” Such was the inspiration for Sabor A Chef V’s Lemon Pepper, Cajun Spice and Garlic Salt seasonings, a trio of cannabis spices designed to add extra flavor to everyday snacks and meals.   Low Doses Offer Consistent, Balanced High Ortega trademarked the brand name Sabor A Chef V (Flavor by Chef V) in homage to her Mexican heritage. Before launching the cannabis seasoning brand, she spent months brainstorming ideas for the perfect cannabis edible. She wanted it to be tasty, flavorful and suitable for everyday consumption, yet also healthy. That ruled out gummies and other infused candies she called “too sweet and sugary.” It also ruled out butters and oils that she believes taste “too altered”—with a grassy, skunky flavor—because they contain too much THC. With Sabor A Chef V cannabis seasonings, there’s no difference…

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