A Guide To Cannabis Defoliation

A Guide To Cannabis Defoliation

Related Post Does Pruning Boost Cannabinoid Levels? Defoliation is a somewhat controversial topic among cannabis growers, some of whom swear by it, while others argue that the practice is detrimental to plant growth and health. In a nutshell, defoliation refers to the removal of any excess cumbersome leaves to increase light penetration, improve airflow and ultimately boost yield in your marijuana plants. The idea is simple, increase direct light to buds as fewer leaves are in the way. You’re giving the good stuff to the part of the plant that you’re ultimately going to harvest. Table of contentsWhy Defoliate Cannabis PlantsWhich Cannabis Plants to DefoliateHow to Defoliate Cannabis PlantsCannabis Defoliation vs Pruning Why Defoliate Cannabis Plants Some growers defoliate plants to get rid of any large fan leaves that may be preventing sunlight from reaching nodes and bud sites. Despite the controversy surrounding the whole topic, most growers agree that if you are going to defoliate, then you should only do so when cultivating plants in a grow room and not when growing outdoors. This is because outdoor plants need all their foliage to help them resist the pressures and stresses of the wild. Big fan leaves act as solar panels, allowing plants to generate as much energy as possible from the sunlight they receive while also storing nutrients that can be directed to bud sites during the flowering stage. Outdoor plants are also susceptible to attack from pests, so the more leaves an individual possesses, the better its chance of survival if some of these get eaten. However, indoor plants live a more carefree existence, as their controlled grow space ensures they always receive optimal levels of light and nutrients, while an attack from pests is less likely. On the downside, life in a grow room means sitting beneath…

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