Medical cannabis in the mainstream – this week’s top headlines

Medical cannabis in the mainstream – this week’s top headlines
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It’s been a busy week for medical cannabis news – we’ve rounded up some of the stories which have caught the attention of the nation. Medical cannabis has been prominent in the mainstream media this week, as dozens of families with children suffering from severe epilepsy have faced the possibility of losing their supply of Celixir20. The Evening Standard covered the stories of several families as they reacted to the MHRA’s decision to continue the supply of Celixir20 until the end of the year. Meanwhile, in Scotland, an SNP MP has called for reforms to medical cannabis laws, blaming the “barrier” that the UK Government has put in place which limits access to the therapy. Also in Scotland, a councillor opened up about her own experiences with medical cannabis, which she is prescribed for multiple sclerosis (MS). Read on for a summary of the top stories from the last week. The potential of medical cannabis in treating PTSD This week, The Mirror spoke to a PTSD sufferer who, after “masking” her symptoms with anti-depressants, discovered medical cannabis. After living through abuse and neglect as a child, Karen Julia developed delayed onset PTSD in 2012 at 34 years old. The hardest symptom to overcome was sleep deprivation, she told The Mirror. “I was like a ball of adrenaline and would be wide awake at the slightest sound at night,” said Karen, 44 from Glasgow. “The sleep deprivation was terrible. It had a profound effect on my personal and professional life. I was exhausted and struggling to work.” Karen started to feel the benefits after three months of taking medical cannabis oil nightly. “I feel like a different person,” she said. “The first six weeks of taking the oil was a restorative, healing time. My sleep is so much better than it…

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