Clark Howell – Legislative Update Newsletter

Clark Howell – Legislative Update Newsletter

In April, we sent you a 2022 legislative update, highlighting 5 bills that help licensees connect with consumers and diversify their offerings. May 27 was the deadline for bills to pass in the house of origin and head to the other legislative chamber. Today’s bulletin is an update on where those 5 stand: which have advanced and which have fallen flat. Note: “AB” signifies Assembly-originating bills; “SB” signifies Senate-originating bills. A brief, simplified explanation of each bill follows. Click the hyperlink to read the full text, track status, and send comments to your representative(s). As always, don’t hesitate to call us with questions about how these bills could impact your business and the supply chain as a whole. These 2 bills passed the floor vote in the originating chamber: Interstate Commerce (SB-1326, Caballero) SB-1326 would allow cannabis to cross domestic borders in some circumstances, allowing California products to enter other states, and vice versa. Products brought into California must meet or exceed standards that apply to California licensees. Agreements could only be made with a state (or states) that authorize medicinal and/or adult-use cannabis activity and distributors could not travel through states that do not authorize such transportation. However, as retail sales decline, opening stores in so-called “cannabis deserts” proceeds at a modest pace, and surpluses continue to put a strain on growers from the world-renowned “Emerald Triangle,” not everyone is convinced that interstate commerce is a cure for the regulated market’s illness. We encourage you to study the nuances of this bill and discuss it with your associates and advisors. What are your expectations of how SB-1326 could impact California operators and consumers? The bill passed the Senate on May 25 (27-10) and is presently moving through Assembly committees. To keep up with its status, click here. Alcohol & Cannabis at Events (AB 2210, Quirk) AB 2210 would allow state…

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