How to get the most out of your CBD

How to get the most out of your CBD
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Did you know that how you choose to take your CBD – and even what you eat beforehand – can dramatically impact the onset and duration of its effects?  CBD comes in all shapes and sizes, from oils and tinctures to vape pens and gummies. How you consume the supplement can make a big difference in how it works in the body, which can be confusing for those who are new to it. Vaping CBD leads to a quicker onset as the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream straight from the lungs. However, compared to ingesting CBD, the effects last for a shorter period of time – usually less than a few hours. CBD taken sublingually, or under the tongue, absorbs into the bloodstream through mucous membranes in the mouth which similarly bypass the digestive system. When ingested, CBD is metabolised in the liver which means the effects can only be felt after up to two hours. The complex digestive process can also lead to much of the compound being chewed up in the gut. Water-soluble vs oil-soluble The majority of products you will see on the shelves are oil soluble. As CBD dissolves particularly well in oil (AKA lipophilic), it’s cheaper and generally requires less time, money and expertise to produce. The issue with a lipophilic molecule like CBD, however, is that it does not absorb well in the digestive tract, resulting in only a small proportion of the molecule reaching the bloodstream. CBD is also highly metabolised so very little of the CBD in the product survives the journey through the gut. Hemp Point is one of the leading CBD companies in Europe, producing a wide range of CBD products including a water-soluble formulation. A water-soluble emulsifier like Hemp Point’s differs from oils, in that it can mostly…

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