Greening Out? Why and How to Fix It

Greening Out? Why and How to Fix It

Table of contentsWhat Is Greening Out?What To ExpectWhy Do People Green Out?What To Do If You Pull A Whitey?How To Avoid Greening OutLow-THC Strains To Help You Avoid Greening Out There’s no point in sugar-coating it – greening out totally sucks. Unfortunately, the experience is something of a rite of passage that most cannabis users go through at some point on their journey, and it’s often by learning the hard way that one figures out how to avoid a repeat of the ordeal. Listening to the advice of those who have lived to tell the tale can also save you a whole lot of bother, so you may want to read on for some pearls of whitey wisdom. Related Post Im Too High – What Now? What Is Greening Out? In a nutshell, greening out means you’ve gone and got yourself way too stoned. It’s overconsumption. More accurately, it’s the consequence of ingesting more THC than your cannabinoid receptors can handle. In particular, the CB1 receptor – which forms part of the endocannabinoid system – can easily become swamped by excessive cannabis use. Taking one too many hits on that bong or just smoking or vaping a cannabis strain with a super high THC content can overwhelm your receptors, triggering a host of physical and mental side effects. What To Expect Greening out can involve a wide range of symptoms and may affect each cannabis consumer differently. Among the most common complaints is a sharp increase in anxiety, sometimes leading to panic attacks. A loss of complexion can also be expected, which is why greening out is also known as whiteying. Developing an ashy pallor often goes hand-in-hand with a drop in blood pressure and an increased heart rate, all of which can heighten the anxiety and emotional suffering that…

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