Fridays Reign King for Massachusetts Cannabis Dispensaries

Fridays Reign King for Massachusetts Cannabis Dispensaries

<![CDATA[Long lines aren’t necessarily great for business. Sure, long lines are better than no lines, but cannabis shoppers who have to wait extended periods of time to reach a point of sale are less likely to be returning customers, especially if another dispensary nearby can provide quicker service. One of the easiest ways to keep heavy traffic moving in and out of a dispensary is to have proper staffing during busy days and high-volume hours, Nick Jack, chief operating officer with Nevada-based Diego Pellicer Worldwide, recently told Cannabis Business Times. Diego Pellicer is a national brand with vertical integration that focuses on refining the premium cannabis retail experience.RELATED: 5 Tips to Capitalize on Friday Sales at Your Dispensary“It’s great to be busy, but you want to ensure that you’re providing a quality experience to lock down that return customer,” Jack said. “If your customers are coming in and receiving slow/poor service on Fridays, your Fridays will eventually become less busy as consumers will opt to shop somewhere else that’s staffed accordingly.” Fridays are key in the retail industry. The busiest day of the week, Friday adult-use sales averaged more than $5.4 million in Massachusetts during a five-week stretch from May 30 through July 3, according to data collected by CBT from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission. That Friday figure represents a 61% increase compared to Monday adult-use sales, which averaged less than $3.4 million during that five-week period—the slowest day of the week. Here are the average sales figures for each day during those five weeks: DAY AVERAGE SALES (Adult)   PERCENT OF SALES Mondays $3,366,276.55 11.69% Tuesdays $3,427,928.95 11.90% Wednesdays   $3,765,382.58 13.07% Thursdays $4,252,953.80 14.77% Fridays $5,413,252.08 18.79% Saturdays $4,865,073.25 16.89% Sundays $3,712,568.63 12.89% TOTAL $28,803,435.94 100.00%  In terms of monthly sales in 2022, Massachusetts’ adult-use retailers recorded their highest numbers ($123.1…

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