Argentine Supreme Court Endorses Medical Cannabis Home Grow

Argentine Supreme Court Endorses Medical Cannabis Home Grow
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In a case sure to reverberate around the world, the Argentinian Supreme Court has ruled that parents of sick children are allowed to grow their own cannabis to treat their children. This decision, they ruled, is in line with existing Argentine law—namely the decriminalization of cannabis for medical purposes. As family law and cannabis legitimization intersect, this development is about as significant as a similar 2014 Israeli case. Namely, families of sick children requiring medical cannabis threatened to immigrate to Colorado unless they were given the right to obtain medical cannabis domestically. The government changed the law within a matter of weeks. That said, it was not a complete victory in Argentina last week for those who pressed their case. The Court also ruled, unanimously, that a special patient registry now in effect, is not unconstitutional. This was an issue raised by Mamás Cannabis Medicinal (Macame) which presented the plaintiff’s cause. The Court reasoned that the state had the right to control and track all cannabis cultivation—including for medical purposes. The decision in Argentina is, of course, significant domestically. Yet coming as it does as country after country is beginning to implement or at least talk about implementing home grow more generally, the timing is also very important. In this decision, the Argentine Court seems to be following a global trend that is emerging in countries as disparate as those in Latin America and Europe (Malta, Italy, Luxembourg, and Portugal, so far) to Asia (notably Thailand). Home grow for both recreational and medical use is very much a la mode in the international normalization discussion now clearly underway both legally and politically. Why Is Home Grow Becoming a Global Default First Step Towards Reform? There are several reasons for this rather sudden emergence of something that looks remarkably like a…

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